Devised, researched
 and written
  Peter King Smith BSc

                                                         The mid-1960s, German-built multi-track tape recorder with FM/AM/SW radio

Repairing the Music Center

London Sound mends unsound machine

Photo: Harrow, Feb 2008

Three days of TLC
My newly purchased Schaub-Lorenz Music Center (serial no. 39894) needed two to three full days for repair and some TLC.

Handed over dual pulley
On arrival at London Sound, Mike's workshop in north Harrow, I handed Mike Solomons an A-4 list of repairs, one of which included the installation of a new dual pulley that I'd acquired from Scottish clockmaker, Jim Weir. (see The Clockmaker's Spindle)

Forensic testing
Mike wasted no time in unscrewing four holding screws and opening up the back cover of the cabinet. Within seconds he was forensically testing the machine's capabilities, pressing buttons and knobs here, pulling out plug-in electrical boxes there, while softly muttering "amazing!", as he soon discovered evidence of his own earlier repair work and the still excellent condition of the machine.

Recognises own repair work
Even though he had probably only repaired the odd one or two Schaub-Lorenz Music Centers since moving into his Harrow workshop in 1990, and a few back in the 1980s, he had not forgotten how the machine worked, nor its foibles, or how he'd repaired them. My constant queries helped jog further memories. "Good bodging". He then pulled back a hinged, metal-framed circuit board laced with electrical circuitry and immediately spotted a number of 'markers' from his earlier repair work. He recognised what he called "bodged soldering" repairs that he'd carried out between 1970-72, but added, "it was good bodging"!! 

Good condition astonishes Solomons

Mike was astonished at the excellent interior and exterior condition of my 40-year-old 'electronic time capsule'. He told me that back in the early 1970s, he'd serviced and repaired machines that had been in worse condition then, than the one I'd just brought in for repair in 2008!